Barnyard Millet Idiyappam Mix - 400 gms


Ingredients: Barnyard Millet, Rice

Directions for use:

Puttu: Sprinkle little hot water, salt & make to crumbly moist flour consistency. Steam
cook for 10 to 15 Min. (serve with powdered jaggery & grated coconut)

Milk kozhukattai: Take necessary amount of Barnyard Idiyappam flour and add necessary amount of boiling water & salt and make into paste. Make small balls with flour paste and allow it to boil and cook.Then add jaggery,grated coconut, elaichi and dry ginger and serve.

Barnyard Millet Idiyappam: Add necessary quantity of hot water & salt and make soft dough. Keep the dough in idiyappam mold make idiyappam. Steam cook for 15 minutes.

Know more about Barnyard

Barnyard millet is an ancient millet crop grown in warm and temperate regions, widely cultivated in India. Indus Foods USA directly sources its Barnyard Millet from the farmers of South India. Barnyard Millet is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Health Benefits

  •  Good source of digestible protein and has less caloric density.
  • High dietary fiber and low glycemic index and is highly recommended for diabetes
  • Benefits cardiovascular diseases. 

How to cook


  • Sprinkle hot water, salt and make to crumbly moist flour
  • Steam cook for 10-15 mins
  • Added grated coconut, jaggery (or sugar)
  • Serve it hot

Milk Kozhukattai:

  • Add boiling water and salt to make it into a paste
  • Make small balls with the paste flour (or you can use murrukku maker)
  • Boil these small balls in hot water
  • Then added Jaggery, Grated coconut, Elaichi and Dry ginger
  • Serve it hot

Barnyard Millet Idiyappam

  • Add water and salt and make a soft dough
  • Add the dough to the iddiyappam maker and make those iddiyapam
  • Steam it for 15 minutes.
  • Served with coconut milk, or curry of your choice.

Also known as


Also Know As


Barnyard Millet


Sanwa, Jhangora








Udalu, Kodisama







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