Hand Pounded Rice 10 lbs


Hand Pounded Rice 10 lbs Buy Hand Pounded Brown Rice Online – Organically Made & TastyHand pounded rice (a.k.a) Kaikuthal Arisi is considered one of the healthiest because it is pounded in a stone grinder or with a wooden pounder. The outer shell of the paddy is removed without affecting the brand of the rice. Also this type of rice is not polished leaving all the nutrients intact. The bran gives all the health benefits to consumers making this a very low glycemic index which is very ideal for diabetes.The complex carbs make your every meal fulfilling, carrying various nutrients such as calcium, iron, selenium, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin E, and protein. It has goodness of high fiber, naturally produced variant, and antioxidants reduce health-related problems and keep your bones strong. At Indus Foods, we carefully source our rice from farmers following natural farming methods, with premium quality. Our products have, No Chemicals No Preservatives No Artificial Flavors or Colors Authentic taste Premium quality You can buy hand pounded brown rice online in the USA right from the farms in South India, to obtain a platter of scrumptious goodness on your table. It is easy to prepare and works great as an accompaniment with fish curry, dal, savory, vegetables, etc. Order hand pounded brown rice online for your well-being!

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